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PWM Workshop: The 'Impossible' Chinese Stool, with Robert W. Lang

By Robert W. Lang

Format: Live Webinar Registration

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Sorry, class is full! Good news, we will be releasing the instuctions on DVD later this year!

This simple looking stool, that appeared on the cover of the final issue of Woodworking Magazine has proven to be one of the most popular projects built in our shop. Several years later we still receive pictures of completed stools made by readers and see versions of it in online woodworking forums and in social media.The joinery is through mortise and tenons, but the real challenge comes at the start. The only reference to measure from is a centerline that only exists at the seat. With no right angles  and no place to measure from, building one of these stools will not only build your skills, it will change the way you think about building and joinery. The good news is that the joints can't be perfect, or the stool won't go together.

Executive Editor Robert W. Lang has made several of these stools, and we use them every day in our shop and office. The design is based on an antique from China and the finished stool looks good and is incredibly strong. Once you learn the secret of making the layout, and trusting your judgment when it's time to pick up the saw and chisel you can build one of any height in a couple of days. If you're ready to start thinking outside the box, you can join Bob in the Popular Woodworking Magazine shop for a fun weekend build and be part of an upcoming video. You'll learn techniques for solid joinery with a few simple tools and techniques, shaping solid wood and you'll leave with a problem-solving skills and a stool that will last a lifetime. 

You'll be well-fed, get to know Bob and the other editors, and you'll go home with a great piece of furniture for your shop or home. The cost of materials is part of the class fee, and we'll have all the parts cut to size before class begins. Space in this class is limited, so sign up now.

SKU T0581
Author/Speaker/Editor Robert W. Lang
Format Live Webinar Registration

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