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Puzzle Box Magic

By Jeff Vollmer

Format: DVD

SKU# X3154

Puzzle boxes look difficult to make - and they can be if you try to figure out how to make these fascinating projects on your own. But when pro box maker Jeff Vollmer shares his decades of experience, the learning process is easy. In this double-length DVD, Jeff focuses on box making basic techniques, then shows you how to make two boxes, one just a bit more advanced than the other.

You will:

  • Learn how to perfectly set up your band saw and which blades to use
  • See up close how to make the right cuts step by step
  • Learn how to select the right woods to use
  • Get all the tips and tricks to sanding and gluing
  • Find out details to make your first basic box
  • Complete steps for the making a more complex box called "The King's Safe"
  • Discover special techniques for sanding, clamping and finishing your boxes

SKU X3154
Author/Speaker/Editor Jeff Vollmer
File/Trim Size 7.5 x 5.25
Format DVD
ISBN 13 9781440311628

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Fun to watch but not quite as instructional as I had hoped. Review by Wood Talk Review Show

It was a pleasure watching an experienced craftsman dance with his bandsaw. Jeff cuts wood with the deft smoothness that only years of practice can provide. His puzzle boxes range from mildly complicated to mind-boggling. And while the DVD does show how Jeff makes his boxes (we see each and every cut), I don’t feel the DVD does enough to show US how to make a puzzle box. This is the video you watch if you ever wondered how this process is done. If you want to actually make a specific box, you will need to seek out additional resources. In the video, Jeff makes three boxes with increasing complexity. But I think the viewer would be better served if he showed us each step necessary to make the simplest box. Since I don’t plan on making a puzzle box any time soon, I was able to enjoy this peek into a talented craftsmen’s process. But if I were looking to start making these boxes, I might find myself inspired, intimidated, and frustrated all at the same time.

(Posted on 2/1/2013)

1 Item(s)

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