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Mastering Hand Tools 2-Disc DVD

Basics Skills for Balanced Woodworking

Format: DVD

SKU# V7998

Mastering Hand Tools is a 2 disc DVD set that will introduce you to the basic hand tool skills to turn you into a woodworker equally comfortable in either the powered or hand tool world — and offer the best results from each world. Host Christopher Schwarz starts off the video by asking the question, "Why use Hand Tools?" A fair question that he quickly answers by extolling the benefits of traditional woodworking tools — blended with some of the niceties of power tools. Those benefits include a healthier work environment, fewer jigs and test cuts, and accuracy to within .001". Watch along as Chris offers advice on selecting hand tools, shares tips for set-up and puts the tools to work.

Learn About:

  • Choosing and using marking knives and gauges and cutting gauges
  • Sharpening and using Jack planes and Smoothing planes
  • Selecting and using Handsaws and Rasps
  • The benefits of Braces and Hand Drills
  • and more about Chisels, Mallets, Scrapers and Router Planes

Christopher Schwarz is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, where he worked between 1996 and 2011. He is now a contributing editor to that magazine and also serves as a contributing editor to The Fine Tool Journal. He has produced several DVDs for Popular Woodworking and also in conjunction with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks on traditional skills.

SKU V7998
Format DVD
ISBN 13 9781440323591

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Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommended Review by Tommy

This video is very well made and is informative. The novice to the highly skilled will learn from this video and it needs to be apart of any library on woodworking.

(Posted on 9/20/2014)

Well Done Review by Bob

This was certainly worth every penny, and after only one viewing, I can see that I will be going back to it from time to time in order to
pick up what I missed.
I would recommend this to woodworkers of all levels.....

(Posted on 5/11/2014)

Chris and I haven't really met yet, but ... Review by Craig

... after a few books and this video set, he feels like a good friend whom I've known and learned from for a long time, much like Norm and Roy. Chris is an excellent teacher and the camera work really does capture what you need to see. Also, his speaking voice is clear and easy to understand.

There are some very popular woodworking teachers that ramble on for an hour without really saying much. That's not the case with Chris. His pacing is excellent, he is easy to follow, and he never takes too long to convey his message. Once you have these discs, it becomes really desirable to have a protected flat screen monitor and DVD player in the shop.

(Posted on 1/16/2014)

I like it and want more Review by Jim

I have been a power tool guy that has owned hand tools for years and years. The video delivers as promised…. Incorporate the techniques into your woodworking and you will add more precision into your work and perhaps be amazed at the speed you'll pick up. Of course these skills do come with a price tag. Practice and that is a price I am willing to pay. While this presentation does cover the basic hand tools I do hope there are more of these to follow. I ordered the digital download and have watched these videos many times. I have become a better woodworker thanks to them…. I'm ready for more in this seres….

(Posted on 1/14/2014)

Outstanding information and instruction Review by Ted

In the past I spent a lot of time figuring out how to use power tools to make a perfect cut. I had never received in depth training on how to use hand tools. Now I have "new" tools to use to create my projects. I also know how to choose the right hand tool and how to set them up. Thanks Chris. I also enjoyed your humor.

(Posted on 12/13/2013)

excellent primer to hand tool buying and use Review by guy kk

I have got and devoured Chris' book The Anarchists Tool Chest and find that to be (amounst other things) a very aspirational tool guide - where as this DVD gives an excellent intorduction to the tools you NEED (not want) to get started and how to get the best from them. All in all, a great DVD and at ~3hrs long excellent value

(Posted on 7/17/2012)

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