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Make a Greene & Greene Wall Cabinet with Dale Barnard

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Join expert woodworker and glass artist, Dale Barnard for 6+ hours of how-tos in this woodworking video.

Learn a master’s techniques for making this classic Greene & Greene wall cabinet. With the practical information craftsman Dale Barnard provides in this woodworking video, even a beginning woodworker can build this beautiful wood and stain glass cabinet. Dale not only teaches the step-by-step process, he shares valuable shop techniques that can be used on any project.

Order your copy today to learn how to:

  • Create joinery including mortise & tenons, interlocking finger joints, rabbets and dados
  • Build an inset glass door
  • Hang a door inside the cabinet for a flush finish
  • Cut, clean and install stained glass
  • Make and install ebony plugs and inlays
  • And more!

    Get a free PDF download of Robert W. Lang's article “Dale Bernard: Handing Down Tradition” with your purchase!

    Watch a preview now:

About the Host:

Dale Barnard is a nationally acclaimed wood and glass artist, perhaps best known for his work in the Arts & Crafts and Greene & Greene styles. He has been featured on HGTV’s “Modern Masters” and in Popular Woodworking Magazine, and his work is on display at the Indiana State Museum.

SKU GROUP-T3902-T3922
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Make a Greene & Greene Wall Cabinet with Dale Barnard
Make a Greene & Greene Wall Cabinet with Dale Barnard

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Excellent video - well worth the money Review by James

I first saw a picture of this cabinet in Fine Homebuilding magazine, I bought the magazine just for the picture. The instruction is very clear and easy to understand. Dale uses power tools like many people use hand tools. His method is not always orthodox but he gets the job done very efficiently. He reminds me a lot of Tage Frid. You can tell he makes a living building cabinets like this. I would like to see more reproductions of Greene &Greene originals.

(Posted on 8/1/2014)

Hooked on G&G Review by Lawrence

A few years ago I attended a class in making a Green & Green Wall Cabinet with Dale Barnard. The experience left me with both an appreciation of Green & Green style of furniture and a trove of practical techniques that have subsequently helped me in other areas of woodworking. Throughout the Green & Green Wall Cabinet DVD I felt as if I were back in class and experiencing the same excitement that comes with starting a new project. Dale's character together with his craftsmanship, attention to detail, came genuinely across. His desire to share with the students is obvious throughout all the chapters. (I would characterize his teaching style as 'down to the earth" with humor and humility). I have a beautiful Green & Green Wall Cabinet and I'm confident that if the viewer were to follow Dale's instructions he also would end up with a cabinet of which he can be proud.

(Posted on 7/21/2014)

@Joseph Review by Dale Barnard

Just wanted to comment to Joseph/Joe that I am truly sorry you are so disappointed with the video. I understand your allegations - but you have to realize making this wall cabinet was filmed over four full days and then it is edited to 6 hours., but my quick answer is the finished product. As for my students, they leave this class happy with a completed wall cabinet (less sanding and finishing) in 5 days. But I understand that everyone is different and we look for where life fits and is good for us individually. Again I do apologize for your disappointment. Oh yes, my logo actually comes from starting out very young in this business and using my handmade hand planes to build my first kitchen cabinet jobs. I have a collection of family owned hand planes. I'm a third generation cabinetmaker trained from my youth on hand tools., etc. While building my business and supporting my family I learned to use all methods to accomplish the best product to please the client and meet the deadline.

(Posted on 7/18/2014)

True to the Greene ANC Greene tradition Review by Paul

After watching this video thru to completion, which is close to 8 hrs. This us a beautiful cabinet which is a close reproduction of the thorsen dining room cabinet. Mr. Barnard does uses traditional dado and rabbet construction on the case, the drywall screws are mainly a clamping mechanism. One needs to look at the four major parts of this video. The door construction which is complex and traditional to g&g, the art c glass in the door, the finger apron around the base, and the top. Just the plans are worth the price and the plans are contained on the last DVD in a word file about 8 pages + full scale drawings of the art glass and mullions and muttons. There's a hundred ways to put a case together, if your looking for true Greene and Greene with all the detail this is it !!

(Posted on 7/18/2014)

A disappointment as a hand tool user. Review by Joseph

He rushes through the construction and makes many obvious mistakes. Since it is art, you don't have to re-cut the piece, just don't leave a burnt edge from the router. There are many safety concerns in the power tool use.
Big question I have is this, Why do you have a hand plane on your logo but seem to talk against them during the show and never use any hand tool other than a chisel. Which is used rather remedially.
I would send this one back.
Power tool users may benefit though.
Not a school I would attend.

(Posted on 6/6/2014)

No cut list or dimensions provided Review by Andrea R

Really was looking forward to this project, but unfortunately no cut list is provided. (Dale said he would provide one in the DVD but didn't). Very disappointed

(Posted on 6/4/2014)

A little disappointing Review by Joe

I was really excited when I saw this video for sale, and I purchased it using the download option. I downloaded two very large videos but there was no copy of the dimensions or plans as described in the video. After three email to customer service I still haven't gotten a copy of the dimensions.

I'm also a little disappointed in the construction techniques shown in the video. Assembling the case with drywall screws? Really? Your own magazine tests shows that is a really bad idea. The scene showing straightening a band sawn cut with an orbital sander didn't impress me either.

I also have the sense that the piece is just being slammed together for purposes of the video, rather than to actually make it.

The cabinet itself is beautiful, I just wish the video demonstrated a higher level of craftsmanship.

(Posted on 5/6/2014)

7 Item(s)

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