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Hybrid Woodworking

Blending Power & Hand Tools for Quick, Quality Furniture

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You Need This Woodworking Book If:

  • You want to utilize both power and hand tools in your projects
  • You want to know how to make quality furniture efficiently
  • You’re interested to learn which tools are best for the different steps of furniture building

Hybrid Woodworking by Marc Spagnuolo (The Wood Whisperer) presents a fresh approach to woodworking and furniture making. Striving to show the most efficient ways to utilize both power tools and hand tools in the furniture building process, this woodworking guide recommends the right tools for every step along the way. Not only will you learn which tools are best for which tasks, but you will also find tips for how to use, maintain, and fine tune them. Whether you’re a hand tool woodworking devotee or prefer to use power tools in your furniture making endeavors, you’re sure to find validity in the merits and efficiency offered by the hybrid woodworking system.

Marc encourages you to enhance your current shop with hand tools, rather than replace existing power tools. The book also walks you through several projects to show you how to integrate hand tools and power tools when you start implementing the hybrid woodworking system!

In Hybrid Woodworking You’ll Find:

  • Plenty of woodworking techniques & tips for using hand tools to enhance existing power tools & thus make your furniture making experiences more efficient
  • Overviews of 4 projects Marc has completed himself to illustrate how both power tools and hand tools fit into the furniture building process
  • An overview of what Marc dubs the “Hand-Tool Renaissance,” or a discussion of the current state of online woodworking

About Marc Spagnuolo:

Marc is a podcaster, video producer and woodworking enthusiast. He has contributed articles and video content to and Popular Woodworking Magazine. He produces the successful "Wood Whisperer" website as a great way to combine four of his passions: woodworking, technology, education, and humor.

Marc started his own woodworking business, focusing primarily on studio furniture, but most of the time was spent on standard cabinetry, commercial work, and refinishing. He started The Wood Whisperer as a way to share his experiences as he built projects for his clients. Today, creating videos for his website is his primary business.

SKU GROUP-U3161-U3166
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