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Fundamentals in Design Value Pack (updated edition)

Format: Hardcover

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Fundamentals In Design Value Pack

From beginners to advanced woodworkers, this value pack is filled with tools and information created to teach you design fundamentals up to advanced techniques. This incredible assortment includes seven design and drafting products that will be resources for years to come.

The Popular Woodworking Fundamentals In Design Value Pack includes:

  • ShopClass: SketchUp for Woodworkers – Part 1: Getting Started (Download): This ShopClass is comprised of our series of 12 lessons in the basics of using SketchUp (a free 3D-modeling program from Google). The video lessons in this download take you step by step from setting up the software to gathering information from your finished model. So you'll head to the shop with all the information you need to build any project with confidence. You'll know the exact sizes of every part, and how the parts go together – before you ever cut any wood!*
  • ShopClass: SketchUp for Woodworkers – Part 2: Advanced Techniques (Download): This download shows you how to quickly and easily resize even the most complex plans. The video lessons build on the skills learned in ShopClass Part One. You'll learn the magic of copying instead of drawing and the art of making changes. You'll be able to print detailed parts lists and full-sized templates. You'll know the exact sizes of every part and how the parts go together — even before you cut the wood! Add accurate details such as dovetails, raised panels and cope-and-stick-joints to your projects.*
  • Drafting and Design for Woodworkers You've heard the old adage "measure twice, cut once." Drafting and Design for Woodworkers helps you do just that before you get to the measuring stage. This fully illustrated guide to the design and drafting process teaches you how to draw multiple views of your project so that every detail gets worked out before the first cut. Whether you're drafting by hand or on a computer, let Drafting and Design for Woodworkers be your trusted guide to the design process and putting your drawings to work.
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design DVD: Furniture is pleasing to the eye when various elements work together to create a harmonious whole. 18th Century furniture design, like architecture, relied heavily on proportional schemes derived from classical architectural orders. Today's furniture makers can use these design principles to create contemporary or period furniture. George Walker demonstrates how to use this approach to create visual harmony.
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design: Moldings DVD : Well proportioned moldings add visual interest, symmetry and structure to architecture, interiors and furniture. George Walker shows how he creates moldings for period or modern furniture using basic tools and techniques to create harmonious designs.

  • Woodworker's Guide to Google SketchUp: This is a comprehensive reference, designed to teach woodworkers how to use the popular, free 3D design tool, Google SketchUp. From the basics of setting up the program to the fine points of making detailed models of your next project, "Woodworkers Guide to SketchUp" provides the answers in an easy to use, easy to search digital publication.

  • The Mechanic's Companion: Describes in detail the skilled building trades of the 19th Century: Carpentry; Joinery; Bricklaying; Masonry; Slating; Plastering; Painting; Smithing & Turning. In print for more than half a century, THE MECHANIC'S COMPANION was a primary reference for the amateur, the student and the practical mechanic.

  • * PLEASE NOTE: You will need a broadband connection to download these video lessons. Each lesson is split into four 150 megabyte files for easier download, and with a high-speed internet connection will take on average 10 minutes to download each file.
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    Format Hardcover

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