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The Foundations of Better Woodworking (PDF)

By Jeff Miller

Format: eBook

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The secret to producing beautiful furniture that your family will treasure for generations, starts with fundamentals. The essential principles upon which all of your skills should be based.

Learn the fundamentals as craftsman, teacher and author Jeff Miller lays out these basic concepts, helping you understand:

  • The importance of proper body position and mechanics. With this knowledge you will improve your ability to cut precise joints, as well as add to your efficiency and safety.
  • What it means to cut to a line.
  • The details of how the wood works, so you'll avoid tear out, splitting and warping — whether you use hand tools, machinery or both.
  • How woodworking tools do their work, so you will be able to use them more easily, effectively and accurately.

By using the advice in this download, you will build the foundation for significant advances as a woodworker. You will find that your time in the shop is more rewarding, and your results more satisfying.

Jeff Miller has been a professional furniture designer and craftsman for nearly 30 years. He is the author of three woodworking books (and a contributor to two others), including the best-selling Beds, and Chairmaking and Design. He teaches woodworking fundamentals and other classes around the country and at his studio in Chicago.

SKU W8066
Author/Speaker/Editor Jeff Miller
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440321054

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A must have book Review by Ray

I have a good size library of woodworking how to books. I'm getting to the point that I thought I should do some woodworking instead of reading about how to do it.

This book is different from any that I've purchased before. The author talks about the fundamentals of wood, motion, improving accuracy and the mental game. Not one mortise or dove tail joint anywhere. No machines, hand tools (except for some very basic devices for measuring).

I have applied a number of his concepts on a project that was just eating me alive and now I feel more confident in my approach. This book is great for anyone who does not have a chance to watch a good woodworker work. It is usually just me in the shop repeating the same mistakes over and over and not knowing why these problems occur.

Maybe there are similar books out there but this was the first one that addressed how a master works wood and it was very enlightening for me.

(Posted on 2/6/2014)

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