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Woodworking Magazine Issue 3 Digital Download

By Woodworking Magazine

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This advertising-free publication is filled with good craftsmanship. Our third issue has been sold out for some time now, but you can download a pdf version of this issue that can be viewed and printed on any computer, PC or Mac.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a large file that is best downloaded with a broadband connection, such as DSL or a cable modem. For dial-up customers, we suggest you purchase the CD that contains issues 1 through 7.

Articles in this issue include:

A Simple Arts & Crafts Finish
by Steve Shanesy
Our tests result in this revelation: An Arts & Crafts finish requires only one coloring step.

Back Cover: Drill Bits
by the magazine staff

Better Dados for Casework
by Robert W. Lang
Learn to make simple, accurate and quick T-square jigs for routing this basic joint.

Care & Feeding of Marking Knives
by Christopher Schwarz
Learn to sharpen and correctly use this essential tool. Plus, a good trick to making your own.

End Grain: Embrace the Old - and the New
by Robert W. Lang
Many people equate Arts & Crafts and Shaker furniture philosophies with hand workmanship. History reveals that this is not the whole truth.

Four-hour Bookcase
by David Thiel
Seven tools, some clamps, a few pieces of lumber purchased at your local home-center store and one afternoon is all you need to build attractive, sturdy storage.

by the magazine staff
Woodworking's terminology can be overwhelming. Learn the terms from this issue.

Lending a Hand to Power Tools
by Christopher Schwarz
The plain truth on the four most useful hand planes for a power-tool woodshop.

Two full pages containing 10 tricks and tips that will make your woodworking simpler and more accurate.

by the magazine staff
Questions, comments and wisdom. This issue deals with questions of wood: How to buy it, measure it, compensate for its movement and determine if it's square.

On the Level: Good Hands
by Steve Shanesy
Do you have good hands? While there are woodworkers who are naturally talented, there are things we can do to ensure every project is better than the last.

Pocket-hole Joinery Truths
by David Thiel
Pocket-hole joinery isn't for weak or low-end woodworking only. We show you when this joint is ideal. Plus, Christopher Schwarz tests its strength and shares the results.

Spear-point Marking Knives
by Christopher Schwarz
These versatile tools vary greatly in design - each one suited for certain tasks. Our review helps you choose the best one for your work.

Stickley Magazine Stand
by Christopher Schwarz
Hidden braces and a few invisible screws make this well-proportioned Arts & Crafts reproduction surprisingly rigid.

The Science of Shelving
by Robert W. Lang
Avoid sagging shelves. Our tests illustrate the weight limits for different woods and conditions, and yields some surprises about plywood.

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