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Woodworking Magazine Issue 13 Digital Download

By Woodworking Magazine

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This advertising-free publication is filled with good craftsmanship and shop-tested techniques. You can download a PDF version of our Spring 2009 issue that can be viewed and printed on any computer, PC or Mac.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a large file that is best downloaded with a broadband connection, such as DSL or a cable modem.

This issue is also available in a printed format that can be mailed to you.

Inside the Spring 2009 issue, you'll discover how to make woods work for you. We show you how the way that a tree grows in the woods directly affects the way we design and build furniture. And understanding wood is the first step to building projects that look better, last longer and are easier to build. Here's a preview of a few of the stories:

• Composing With Grain: Paying close attention to the grain lines in a board is essential to building a harmonious-looking piece of furniture. We show you the rarely explored rules of composing with wood grain that the best furniture makers use to ensure that their projects look their best.

• Understanding Grain Direction: Most people learn to read the grain of boards through trial-and-error. Few people know that there are two reliable ways to read aboard's grain direction: using the edges of a board, and using the end grain and face grain. Knowing both of these methods will ensure you will work faster and with far less tear-out.

• 18th Century Connecticut Dry Sink: Our cover project features an early American dry sink with classic lines. We show you how to build this project using either traditional or modern techniques.

• Water-resistant Finishes: Some of the projects we build, such as dining room tables and bathroom mirrors, need to survive in wet environments. What's the most water-resistant finish that can be applied easily at home with simple tools? We find out.

• Countersinks: There are so many kinds of countersinks on the market that even we're bewildered. We explore when you need a tapered countersink vs. when you need a straight one. Plus we explore how quickly and cleanly some of the new countersink designs cut.

Plus, as always, we features shop tips in our Shortcuts section, your Letters, a woodworking Glossary and absolutely no advertisements whatsoever.

SKU Z5403
Author/Speaker/Editor Woodworking Magazine
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