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Woodworking Magazine Issue 10 Digital Download

By Woodworking Magazine

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This advertising-free publication is filled with good craftsmanship and shop-tested techniques. You can download a pdf version of our seventh issue that can be viewed and printed on any computer, PC or Mac.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a large file that is best downloaded with a broadband connection, such as DSL or a cable modem.

This issue is also available in a printed format that can be mailed to you. Articles in this issue include:

On the Level
by Christopher Schwarz
Competently made tools of good industrial design used to be available at a solid middle-class price. Those days are fast disappearing.

Better Finger Joints
by Robert W. Lang
A joint that was once strictly utilitarian has become a centerpiece of modern design. Discover several methods to make this distinctive joint &ndash including an easy-to-make jig.

Trim Proud End Grain
by Christopher Schwarz
Whether you use hand or power methods to flush up proud joints, the trick to efficient and neat work has little to do with the tools.

Woodworking's terminology can be overwhelming. Learn the terms used in this issue.

A Better Design For a Blanket Chest
by Christopher Schwarz
Many common designs for blanket chests make the construction far more complicated than is necessary. We share this simple method that yields complex-looking results.

Screws are Screws &ndash Aren't They?
by Glen D. Huey
Our comparison of big-box-bought screws versus premium screws reveals some surprising conclusions about cheap ones.

A Simple Sea Chest
by Glen D. Huey
The canted sides of this traditional chest for sailors were designed to cut down on barked shins. Now, they add visual interest and are easier to construct than you might think.

The Best Crackle Finish
by Glen D. Huey
We tested several methods for adding age and depth to a painted finish, and found the best way is cheap and easy. The key is the glue.

End Grain
by Christopher Schwarz
A maker's stamp is always the last tool to touch Editor Christopher Schwarz's work &ndash if it touches it at all.

by the magazine staff
Questions, comments and wisdom from readers, experts and our staff. Get some advice on protecting workpieces in a vice, choosing between wood and plastic cutting boards, the longevity of glue joints and more.

by the magazine staff
Expert tricks and tips for making your shop a more efficient and enjoyable place to work. You'll find advice on creating plane precise chamfers, adding a deadman to your bench, transferring dovetails to new boards and more.

Circular Cutting Board
by Robert W. Lang
Bring your woodworking into the kitchen with this simple, circular cutting board. The feet of contrasting wood brings the design to a new level – and makes it easy to pick up.

Glazing for the Ages
by Glen D. Huey
Sandwich a stain between two layers of finish, and you've found the best (and simplest) way to add age, blend tones and highlight carvings on your projects.

End Grain: The Tools I Never Use
by Glen D. Huey
All too often, we're seduced by tools that promise to make us better, faster, stronger...then they sit on our shop corners gathering dust.

Author/Speaker/Editor Woodworking Magazine
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ISBN 13 9781440328039

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