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Popular Woodworking November 2003 Digital Download

By Popular Woodworking

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Now you can download this issue from Popular Woodworking magazine. It's in an easy-to-search pdf format that works on almost all computers equipped with the free Acrobat Reader program. The issue is compatible with PCs, Macs and many other computers.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a large file that is best downloaded with a broadband connection, such as DSL or a cable modem.

This historical reproduction of a rare Limbert Tabourette is easier to build than it looks, thanks to an unusual rabbet. Make your table saw better than factory-fresh with our easy-to-use guide to tweak your machine to perfection. Create this Hanging Cupboard by mixing some 18th-century design with some finely crafted details and you'll have a great project for almost any skill level of woodworker. Learn to set up and use an Essential Shoulder Plane - one of the greatest joint-fitting tools ever made. Using CAD software, dovetails and some creative half-laps, we find a way to get the most storage out of this Case for Wine. Finally, the last word in the raging debate about 240-volt power. We took 12 Orbital Jigsaws around harsh curves and brutal straightaways to find the smoothest, most powerful tool. An egg slicer and a little work in CAD inspire an easy-to-build and eye-catching bowl - all without a lathe! Our seven-part series on routers continues with everything you need to know about Plunge Routers. Tricks of the Trade shares how a coffee maker inspires the perfect way to filter finishes. Endurance Test checks out the Lie-Nielsen Low-angle Jack Plane. Plus Flexner on Finishing, Letters, Q & A, and more.

Author/Speaker/Editor Popular Woodworking
File Type PDF
Format Download
ISBN 13 9781440327469

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