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Christopher Schwarz DVD Combo Pack

Format: DVD

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The Last Word On Sharpening
The Last Word On Sharpening
Purchase the "Christopher Schwarz DVD Combo Pack" and "The Last Word On Sharpening" together and save an additional $5 on your order.

The Christopher Schwarz DVD Combo Pack includes:

Build an 18th-century Workbench
Build an 18th-century Workbench
The Workbench of Your Dreams
  • More than 35 minutes of step-by-step instruction
  • Complete & detailed plans
  • Tips on cutting the joints by hand
  • How to build a bench if you don't have a bench
  • Flatten the workbench's top
  • Tons of digital extras

One of the most important workbench plans ever published appeared in A.J. Roubo's 18th-century masterwork "L'Art Du Menuisier" (The Art of the Craftsman). Roubo's simple and hulking workbench offers everything that the modern woodworker needs in a bench, whether you use hand tools, power tools or both.

Roubo's bench is simpler than almost every other design out there — so it's easy to build – yet it excels at all of the workholding tasks in a woodshop.

In this DVD, Christopher Schwarz shows you how to build the Roubo workbench using only hand tools (though you can use power tools if you wish). Schwarz, the author of Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use (Popular Woodworking Books) also shares his insights into this influential workbench form, which he has been using exclusively since 2005. RETAIL: $24.99

Handplane Basics - A Better Way to Use Bench Planes
Handplane Basics - A Better Way to Use Bench Planes
While bench planes are the most fundamental handplanes in your shop, they also are the most vexing. Ask two woodworkers how to choose, set up and use your bench planes and you'll get three answers.

After years of historical research and practical bench experience, Editor Christopher Schwarz has found a way to simplify the convoluted bench plane system so you can think for yourself when it comes to these tools. After viewing this DVD you'll know how to select the right size plane for your work. You'll know how to sharpen and set it up so it does the job at hand. And you'll learn how to use the plane so you make perfectly flat and gleaming panels (with the minimum amount of effort).

This DVD doesn't simply spout off a new idiosyncratic way to work with bench planes. Instead Schwarz explains how all the systems work so you can immediately see their strengths and weaknesses and exploit them so you'll do better work.

"Handplane Basics" puts into practice all of the principles explained in the story "Bench Planes: The System of Three" in this issue of Woodworking Magazine and dives further into the topics of sharpening, setup and use. If you are confused or frustrated by your bench planes, this DVD is just the ticket. RETAIL: $24.95

Build a Sawbench with Christopher Schwarz
Build a Sawbench with Christopher Schwarz
Build a traditional sawbench as you learn the fundamental hand-tool skills including handsaws, chisels, bench planes, router planes and more
  • Discover how to saw with precision – if you can see the line, you can cut to the line
  • Lay out and cut compound angles – without any jigs, test-cuts or time-consuming set-ups
  • Learn the three classes of saw cuts – and when and why to use each
  • And much more!
  • This unique DVD takes you inside one of Christopher Schwarz's most popular woodworking classes. You'll follow along as Chris and 10 students build sawbenches entirely by hand. It's like attending a class with a student's-eye view of the action. In addition to the video, this DVD includes complete construction drawings, a plan of procedure for building the sawbench and a SketchUp model of the project. By the time you're finished, not only will you have a traditional shop appliance that's indispensable for sawing (and it makes a good shop stool), you'll also be wielding the most-used handtools with accuracy and confidence. DVD run time: 104 minutes.

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    Very good introduction to hand tools Review by Thomas

    I enjoyed the videos and I think they are a very introduction to the basic hand tools and techniques needed for woodworking. Schwarz does a fine job of explaining how to use and maintain many of the basic tools. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was I would have liked to seen the projects start from rough stock (e.g., the saw bench) rather than ready to use (i.e., pre-milled). I would have also liked to have heard more about when to use a scrub plane versus a jack plane. And there was a couple of planing techniques used but not explained. Sometimes Schwarz moved diagonally across the wood grain and sometimes with the grain. But, all in all, I recommend these videos for any beginner.

    (Posted on 12/1/2013)

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