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Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman

By Ron Herman

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Breathe new life into old woodworking hand tools!

There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing a fine old woodworking tool back to life. Restoring old hand tools the right way can save you money, and provides you with a high-quality tool that’s often more precise than modern-day replacements.

In the woodworking double-disc video, Buying & Restoring Hand Tools, traditional hand-tool expert Ron Herman will help you assess individual tools and shop for the best deal to ensure you’re making a smart purchase. Once you have what you know is a quality tool, learn how to bring it back to working condition and tune it for maximum performance.

Join Ron Herman for 6+ hours of instruction as he explains exactly how to restore:

  • hand planes
  • drills and bits
  • braces
  • chisels
  • marking gauges
  • and more.

About the Author:

Ron Herman has been working with antique and vintage tools as a master housewright and carpenter – sharpening, fettling, using and restoring them – almost all of his life. Ron teaches on this topic in classes ( and in magazines. He is also the owner of his family's 100-year-old business, Antiquity Builders. 

SKU GROUP-U9665-T0380
Author/Speaker/Editor Ron Herman
Runtime 360 minutes
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Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman
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Customer Reviews

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Not worth your time, or money Review by Robert

Anyone that bought this should get their money returned as the title is misleading . There is a lot of Ron Herman rambling on and on and on.
I kept watching and waiting through the entire video to find something I could take away, not a thing.

I'm sure Ron knows a great deal about the subject however this production was written and produced very poorly, as a consequence I won't buy another Ron Herman featured video!

(Posted on 9/10/2014)

Pass on this one, fellas... Review by Jupiter

I'm sure Ron Herman's a great guy, so I hate to say this, but there's little in this 6 hours that matches the product description. There isn't even ONE MINUTE of tool restoration, just Ron talking (and talking, and talking) about various tool types, using a wire wheel to take off rust (!), and sharpening blades on a Tormek. Absolute rank beginners _might_ need Ron's advice for selecting planes or chisels or mitre boxes, but that's sure not restoration, and frankly, some of what he said (like some of his comments on chisels) seemed "a bit off." I don't expect any woodworker, no matter how experienced, to tell me I don't need a mortise chisel, for instance. It was irritating how he kept referring to his "other videos" on restoring planes or saws... what the heck was THIS one supposed to be? The video really seems like a slap-dash production, with lots of places needing some very strong editing, especially at the end where Ron just loses it and becomes a zombie, probably from talking non-stop for six hours, and has to be coached on what to say by the off-camera crew! It sure would have been nice if the Popular Woodworking folks had produced for us a DVD on TRUE restoration, with topics like gentle rust removal, japanning repair, saw blade straightening, tuning up old wooden planes, and tool handle making (Roy Underhill and Bill Anderson, where are you?). Six hours would be plenty of time for that.

(Posted on 5/8/2014)

2 Item(s)

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